Chapter: Sisters Page: Chapter 2 Cover

3.4.2020, 12:58
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Chapter 2 Cover

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Author Notes

3.4.2020, 12:58
Sorry for the long wait, guys, I got a little tripped up by the preparation for the main comic and getting a bit antsy about not having too many more pages for Prequel thumbnailed. I'm kind of winging this comic and I like to have some time to look over the pages to avoid awkward writing/layouts, plus there are days where I just really suck at panel layouts and writing, even when I'm motivated.

So, all those things led to me fretting about things a lot more than actually drawing/lining/colouring/photographing page 7 and the cover.

Hopefully I'll be able to return tot he regular schedule as I can't do much more than thumbnail the main comic and work on this one due to not being able to buy the paper I'd need for the main comic (corona), but since I don't have that many weeks saved up I may end up spacing it out a bit if I get stuck at some point in the process.

(Also, no watermarks. yay.)